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Oncology massage

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Oncology massage is a form of therapy using light touch massage to reduce the side effects of cancer treatments and symptoms of the disease itself. These may include pain, fatigue, anxiety, nausea and depression.

Ian’s formal training and caring approach provide him with the expertise to modify and adjust conventional massage therapy to suit your particular situation. This includes being mindful of any contraindications.

Oncology massage can be beneficial at all stages of the cancer journey, including for those who have overcome the disease but may be living with side effects such as scar pain or tenderness, or other ongoing health issues.

Because of the very gentle approach with this style of massage, it is also suitable for people of all ages and situations including children and the elderly, and anyone suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or recovering from surgery of any kind.

Oncology massage is a safe and gentle flow
Oncology massage to relieve stress


Client testimonial:


I have stage 3 breast cancer, yesterday I had five and a half hours of chemotherapy.
Feeling pretty bad, today I had my injection for white blood cell rejuvenation followed by the magical Ian 🙌 from NV Massage.
Ian is studying Oncology massage. I’ve had two sessions with him in my home, (he also has his own space available) both treatments were amazing!! 🙏🏼
He designs his sessions entirely around me and how I’m feeling, what I need.
So today he worked on the terrible stomach cramps as well as the lymphatic drainage.
These massages are so light and relaxing!! I went to sleep and was snoring 😆 They are relaxing and stress relieving.
Perfect for me right now! Thank you so much Ian, I’m feeling much better this afternoon 🙌🥰
PS 10 hours later, I’m still feeling good!
Highly recommend!!

Rachel E.