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My intention is simply to help people.

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About Ian Chua

I am an active person who has enjoyed calisthenics, bodyweight training and functional movement practice. I am also a proud member of the Canberra Chinese community performing traditional Dragon and Lion dances, including acrobatic skills.  All these activities mean that I have experienced first-hand the distressing effects of injury.

Living through injury led me to explore massage as a treatment option, which I discovered I was passionate about.  I also know from having to make my own drastic lifestyle changes some years ago for health reasons (to lose weight and lower my cholesterol and blood pressure), that overall wellbeing is a delicate balance of diet, exercise and other lifestyle choices that can be augmented through massage.

Fast forward to today, and I am excited to deliver a client-focused massage which aims to relieve your pain and discomfort while decreasing your stress levels. All my studies have been undertaken outside of my normal business hours as a public servant, demonstrating my commitment to massage as an important tool for healing.

My intention is simply to help people. My philosophy of massage is that caring for mind, body and spirit together is the key to a happier and healthier life. I don’t just focus on the part of the body that is currently problematic, but the whole person. Understanding the human body and its physiology is important, but understanding a client’s mindset and spirit can make all the difference.

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Ian Chua

My mission is to provide a safe place for clients to relax, revive and reconnect with their own body, mind and spirit.

My vision is to raise awareness of alternative complementary therapies and their ability to nurture and nourish our energy in order to heal, increase self-awareness and connect to ourselves.

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